Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day of My New School

As a freshman, I walked into my new school a little nervous.... Ok, a lot! My heart was thumping like mad! I may not be a confident 13 year old but I know not to show it if you are nervous. But then i started to calm down and said hi to the other 3 girls in my class. It was pretty awkward as there was so little girls in my class but I thought I would be more adaptable as my old primary school had only 1/4 girls in my class too. Then we had to vote for a class name. The class was about to vote for Annoying you but luckily the seniors in charged stopped and suggested a more positive name. I was relieved as I didn't really like the name but i kept my mouth shut. So I suggested And Your Point Is..... a tagline i saw on a t-shirt in a store ( too bad they had no stock for my size) Luckily the class agreed. Wow , although the camp ends and 5pm which seemed forever but the end of the day came in no time. I guess i was having fun as time flies when you're having fun! :D

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